BTS Gathershop lookbook 2018

Behind the scenes of our new lookbook, spring 18

Art by Marije Gertenbach.

How to re-pot plants
Spring is coming and Gathershop is filled with plants again! We always get the question when and how to re-pot plants. Time to get our hands dirty.
Linen clothing

Comfortable with classic shapes. We love to wear linen clothing at Gathershop.

Summer necessity: Wicker bags
We've been waiting patiently for these big summer favourites of ours to arrive at our store, finally they are here! Now proudly hanging on our walls are the prettiest wicker bags, the perfect summer accessory.
How's my Hair?
A little three step guide to an awesome, healthy and pretty head of hair.
SPRING favs!
In Amsterdam we've been treated to a few beams of sunshine in the last month, which couldn't be more welcome after all this cold, rain and wind. We're not quite there yet though. However there's nothing wrong with getting into a SPRING mood anyways and pick out some favorites for the coming time!
Behind the scenes & new Lookbook
After working really hard on figuring out the layout of the new webshop,
we were really excited to add the final ingredient: new photos! Have a peak at some behind the scenes photos and the final results.
DIY: Christmas wreaths!
We couldn't wait to make the shop all Christmassy and decided to get a bit creative ourselves. We've made a super simple DIY of our Christmas wreaths for you guys to make them yourselves too.
November Vibes
We love to browse the web to look for our inspiration for our homes and wintertime always is a perfect time to try new things and flip things over.
Have a look what we collected for our November Vibes inspiration journal.
You are what you smudge... 6 things to look for when buying natural skincare
More and more people are starting to realize the importance of using natural skincare products, finally! Products containing chemicals may seem like a good and sometimes quick fix, but they can damage you from the inside out without you even noticing it. Read on for six tips on buying skincare.
Let's talk about pink
We have this new obsession. It's called pink. Especially that beautiful dusty rose shade of pink. Read on for some pinkspiration.
The 7th of September was the first time we opened our doors at our new shop in the Hallen Passage. Of course we had to celebrate with a good glass of Pimm's (shout out to bartenderlady Sally!). Have a peak for the photos!
An inspirational weekend in London
Last week we took a little trip over to London - since we lived there 5 years ago, so much has changed and so many new, exciting and inspirational places have popped up! 
Here are a few images of some of our favourite new (to us!) hotspots...! 
Home decor on a budget
(Re)decorating your home really doesn't have to cost a fortune if you get a little bit creative. Read on for some beautiful DIY inspiration for home decor on a budget.
Amsterdam treasure hunting
We are often asked in the store where our furniture comes from (and if it's for sale - sadly not, we are very attached to these pieces!). When we styled the shop, our budget was tiny so the store became filled with a mix of homemade shelves and second hand finds. We really believe that its totally possible to have the most beautiful and stylish space with a very small budget and we’re happy to share with you in todays blog where we do some of our treasure hunting :).
Aprons: how to wear
If you're the type of person that loves to mess around in the garden, that princess in the kitchen, or whatever kind of creative being, an apron might come in very handy. But how to style one?
Gathershop Trend: Mis-Match Earrings
Whether it’s a statement drop earring paired with a teeny stud, or a dainty hoop complemented by a sculpted cuff, we’re fully embracing the quirky, imbalanced vibe of mix-and-match earrings.
A Day at the Beach
We stumbled across the delightful haven that is Koele Costa when exploring Noordwijk last week. Take a peek at the dreamy interior and get ready to fall in love the way we did.
Mini plant guide

As you know we love our teeny plants at the Gathershop, and we think you do too. Even though these little ones don't need much to look nice and cute in your home, we put together a mini plant guide with a few tips to give them an extra little spotlight.