DIY: Christmas wreaths!

gathershop christmas decorations
Yes.. We absolutely couldn't wait to transform the shop into a Christmas paradise.
So as soon as Sinterklaas went back to Spain, it was Jingle Bells all the way in here.
Drawings on the windows, sparkly little lights, a Christmas tree in front of the shop and of course..
Christmas wreaths were a must!
We went to look on our trusty old friend Pinterest for some help, and found out it was super simple to DIY. 
gathershop christmas wreath
All you need:
- A metal circle shape in any size you like your wreath to be (you can make this yourself from some firm metal wire or buy these at a hobby shop).
- Flower wire. If you can't find it, metal Christmas tree hooks will do fine too.
- Leaf branches from your local flower market - we have used pistache branches here but we have also used eucalyptus and pine tree branches in the shop
- A nice piece of ribbon in whatever colour you like. 
 gathershop christmas wreaths
The first step is to cut some pieces of branches. Place the first piece against the metal circle and strap it down with the flower wire and twist until its holds well into place.
We attached each branch in 2 to 3 spots to get it to go around in a circle shape
Next place the second piece of branch against the first one, so it covers it halfway - keep the bare ends of the branches covered in the leaves to make it look the most pretty - attach this piece with another 2-3 pieces of flower wire. 
gathershop christmas wreath
Keep doing this to the entire circle. Add second layers to fill possible gaps - keep spreading the pieces around until it looks even.
christmas wreath gathershopgathershop christmas wreath
Strap your ribbon onto the wreath and it's ready to hang!
We've kept them quite simple, but why not add some colour to them by adding some pretty flowers or berry branches.
gathershop christmas wreath