Gathershop Trend: Mis-Match Earrings

Being an adult can be tough. Somedays you feel like you’ve got it all together and you might just have everything figured out, and then life throws you a little reminder that it’s all just game. Like losing an earring - one of life’s crueler jokes.  
But, whether it was accidentally scooped up by the vacuum cleaner, slipped down the drain, or simply fell victim to a Friday wine night - at Gathershop, we believe it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it might just be the start of something beautiful, that is, the wonderful trend of mis-match earrings.
Whether it’s a statement drop earring paired with a teeny stud, or a dainty hoop complemented by a sculpted cuff, we’re fully embracing the quirky, imbalanced style. And what’s more, when we’re mixing and matching, we don’t like to stick to any rules. Rose Gold paired with Silver? Yes. Ruby Red stones matched up with a minimalist Bronze bar? Absolutely. There’s no way of going wrong.   
So, just for you, at Gathershop, we like to sell our earrings not only in pairs, but as singles and mix-and-match too. Because if having to keep track of a complete pair of earrings is one less adult thing for you to worry about - then we’re more than glad to help out.