Mini plant guide


mini plants at the gathershop - photo credit discovered on pinterest - credit


As you know we love our teeny plants at the Gathershop, and we think you do too. Even though these little ones don't need much to look nice and cute in your home, we put together a mini plant guide with a few tips to give them an extra little spotlight.

1. Coffee cup
These ceramic cups are great for a good cup of coffee but fit succulents and cacti perfectly as well.
For each different shape and size of plants find your perfect cup.

ceramic cups with mini succulents and plants

2. Shine bright like a .. Diamond planter!
Create your own little indoor garden by displaying a few bigger and some smaller plants in this fair trade zinc and recycled glass planter by Nkuku.
diamond planter made of recycled glass
4. Hang 'em!
These mini Bali plant hangers by All Things By Femme are a perfect match
with mini plants.
Combine them with a ceramic cup or whatever little pot or vase you own.
 bali plant hangers
If you have any ideas you would like to share on how to style your mini plant, let us know on Instagram by tagging us in your picture with the hashtag #gatherplants
There might be a little asparagus fern waiting for you in the shop!
Asparagus fern for sale at the gathershop