Summer necessity: Wicker bags

Patiently we've been waiting a couple of months for these big summer favourites of ours to arrive in store from Morocco. Now proudly hanging on our walls are the prettiest wicker bags by French Baskets. A perfect match to our shop!

Create a laid back yet chique look, wether you're beach hopping, grocery shopping (a good alternative for plastic bags) or going out, just bring these along. Totally depending on the clothes you pair them to, these bags could make the perfect effortless but fresh looking outfit with for example some cutoff denims, linen wear and espadrilles. They can also easily be turned into a chique accessory when paired with a nice flowy dress.
In style since Jane Birkin made them one of her trademarks, we think they proved themselves to be timeless too. Sustainable shopping is what we aim for!
Have a look at some lovely inspirational images we gathered from Pinterest below
Image credits from top to bottom: h_crystal_@Instagram,,,, ichheisse.lola@instagram,  Giorgio Possenti at