How's my Hair?

As Martin Luther said, the hair is the richest ornament of a women. So best to treat it well! 
Since we've personally took a lot more notice in what we put onto our skin (see our article about natural skincare here), our hair must not be forgotten either. And let's be honest, if our hair doesn't want to cooperate with us we'd rather hide out and stay home. Aside from the effects that the things we put into our bodies (food & drinks) have on our hair, our shampoo is very important to maintain a healthy set of hair as well. While non-natural shampoos may give a temporary boost, eventually lots of them just damage your scalp and weaken your hair follicles. Recently we've added a bunch of natural (and vegan) skincare to our shop, amongst which this Hydrate Shampoo by Herbs and Oils Bath. 
Made with Oat Extract, Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils this shampoo is formulated for dry hair but contains ingredients beneficial for all hair types. It revitalises hair starting from the scalp to the shaft. Clearing up brittle hair, and itchy scalp it conditions deep down aiding in dandruff and clearing the scalp of excess oil and dirt that can irritate the scalp. Read more about all the ingredients here.
Hydrate Shampoo
The next step would be styling! To add texture, volume and waves without drying your hair out you could use a seasalt hair spray. This particular spray also stimulates hair growth, cleans, nourishes and protects hair from damage. Aloe Vera also helps with scalp conditions and brittle, weak hair. 
Seasalt Hair Spray
So now that you've got a gorgeous looking head, let's move on to making it look extra pretty in an effortless way. These hairpins by Kapelika keep your hair in place and give a beautiful simplistic touch to any outfit. Play around with what suits you and your hair; set a messy bun in place or twist and pin away! 
Hair pin
Hair pin
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