How to re-pot plants

Spring is coming and Gathershop is filled with plants again! We always get the question when and how to re-pot plants. Time to get our hands dirty.
Plants typically need to be repotted every year to 18 months. As your houseplant grows and the roots either begin to grow through the drainage holes or get stuck in the pot, repotting the plant into a larger pot will become necessary! 
The best time to repot plants is around spring  so that actively growing roots will have enough time to grow into newly added potting mix.
The proper size of a new pot depends on the plant and its potential growth rate! When in doubt, go with a pot the next size up or else try to find a pot similar to the plastic container!

If you need to repot indoors, lay down a plastic sheet or paper first. Carefully tip the plant on the side to get it out its container. If it is overgrown, take an old kitchen knife or something sharp and slice around the edge of the pot.

If you are potting up, put a little compost in the bottom of the pot, then lower in the plant, making sure the stem is at the same level as it was before, and fill the gaps with new compost.

Firm the compost down gently, then give it a thorough soaking by sitting the pot in a bucket of water. Your new compost will most likely have food added to it, so you don't have to feed the plant extra for the rest of the summer!