Amsterdam treasure hunting

Photo: Vogue Spain through Pinterest
We are often asked in the store where our furniture comes from (and if it's for sale - sadly not, we are very attached to these pieces!) When we styled the shop, our budget was tiny so the store became filled with a mix of homemade shelves and second hand finds. We really believe that its totally possible to have the most beautiful and stylish space with a very small budget and we’re happy to share where we do some of our treasure hunting whether it comes to our own interiors or finding display pieces for the shop - It’s kind of an understatement that Amsterdam is a good place to get your shopping done, but to find gems like these, you have to know where to look!
1. The Northern area of Amsterdam is not a bad place to score some unique finds. At the Papaverweg 46 you’ll find Van Dijk en Ko, a huge (2500 m2!) warehouse filled with amazing closets, chairs, lamps and little knickknackery to get lost in. 

2. While we’re there we might as well get straight to number 2; neighbor Neef Louis, a likewise warehouse where you can find unique industrial home accessories and furniture. In between all the hunting don't forget to pay a little visit to Waargenoegen, a super idyllic spot that is located on the same terrain, for some really nice fresh drinks and food that are adjusted to the season. 
3. Not to far away are the Ijhallen, where one weekend per month a large fleemarket is held. It's not very new to most Amsterdammers, however, if you’re visiting or just moved here this might be your new favorite place to score.. anything really. Clothing, shoes, books, camera’s, art, and yes, a whole bunch of junk as well ;). The Ijhallen are located at the Neveritaweg 15.
4. Thriftshop Juttersdok has a few locations in Amsterdam with a bunch of secondhandstuff. Not the stylish hipster-and-happening vintageshop, but here you'll require that special eye to pick out all the good stuff.
5. Ari at the Overtoom 532 is best described as an Alladin's cave of all things second hand: furniture, cutlery, lamps, glassware and props. Every centimeter is packed with goodies, there are even ice skates covering the ceiling! It's quite a squeeze to get through and you can spend the whole day getting lost in there finding treasures. If you spend  50 and smile nicely at Ari he might just bring your things over in his van ;).