Ear Pin Gold (Single)

Ear Pin Gold (Single)

A subtle line of gold along your ear... for a minimalistic and super chic look, the ear pins are tiny and versatile, perfect for a casual outfit or for your most fancy dress. 

Allergy safe and can be worn every day (and in the shower) without colour fading

Material : 14k gold vermail 

We sell these earrings as single - but they look beautiful as a pair - if you would like a pair simply add 2 to your cart.

To put it on simply place it through your pierced hole like ordinary french wire earrings and then flip it to the side and slide it over your ear like a bobby pin. Give it a gentle pinch to keep it snug against your ear  

Handmade in Mallorca by Lunai
Size 12mm long and 1.5mm wide
Every piece is hand made so may be very slightly different from photographs