XS Hoop Earring (Single)
XS Hoop Earring (Single)
XS Hoop Earring (Single)
XS Hoop Earring (Single)

XS Hoop Earring (Single)

 Extra Small Dainty Hoop in Gold, Silver or Rose 

(It is very, very small!)

Materials are 14k gold / rose filled or sterling silver. 
Allergy Safe and colour does not fade, they are OK to wear in the shower. 
We sell these earrings as single - but they look beautiful as a pair - if you would like a pair simply add 2 to your cart.

To put in, pull one side toward you and the other away. Insert into ear then push and pull back into shape. Always push away or towards your body (see 4th image) 
Do not pull apart to the right or left or the hoop will lose it's shape.

Handmade in the USA by Aiyana Ennis
Size :  Each hoop is approximately 6mm wide, inside diameter. 7mm outside (Please measure before purchasing - these earrings are not able to be returned)
Every piece is hand made so may be very slightly different from photographs