Baby Pearl Hoops
Baby Pearl Hoops
Baby Pearl Hoops

Baby Pearl Hoops

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A subtle hoop with baby natural pearls. These earrings are so dainty, the pearls are a perfect little addition to a classic hoop


These earrings are sold as single but look beautiful as a pair - if you would like a pair just add 2 to your cart 


◦ Outer Diameter: 9mm

◦ Inner Diameter: 8mm


14k gold filled or sterling silver with natural freshwater pearls. Allergy safe and can be worn every day without colour fading. 


More on Gold Filled - Gold fill jewellery will stand up to being worn every day for a lifetime & is best when you are looking for a piece of jewellery that is both affordable & long lasting - it is not the same as gold plated jewellery. 

With gold filled jewellery the layer of gold is permanently bonded with heat and pressure onto the base metal. Unlike plated or “dipped" metals, gold filled is legally required to contain 1/20 gold by weight.  It is safe for those with allergies & does not contain nickel.

Essentially gold fill is an affordable alternative to solid gold, that outdoes the quality and lifespan of gold plating significantly. With the correct love and care, gold fill should last as long as, or close to pure gold.

Handmade by

Lunai, Mallorca is a handcrafted jewellery brand founded in Mallorca, Spain, in 2014. Founders, Armando and Bea, have years of experience in jewellery and accessory design. Lunai find inspiration as much in nature as in culture – in forms and materials shaped by time, by the elements, or by human hand. 

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