Lavender Organic Body Oil
Lavender Organic Body Oil

Lavender Organic Body Oil

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ABOUT : This moisturising body oil is blended with organic coconut and inca omega oils. Rich in vitamin e, inca omega oil represents an important source of antioxidants to protect the skin from negative effects of free radicals and thus combat the signs of aging. Hand-poured in a glass bottle and fragranced with lavender oil. Apply an adequate amount of oil to dry or moist skin and massage in circular motions all over the body.

FRAGRANCE : Lavender - gentle, fresh, and herbaceous.

SIZE : Volume : 100ml. Dimensions: Ø 5 cm x H 13 cm 

MADE BY : The Munio, Latvia. The simple and honest mission with which Elina Cima created the Munio Candela studio and the first collection of candles in 2008 : 
'To give people back the power of nature, the source from which we all originate but have lost in modern times. To generate warmth and light which emanates from candles with stories.'