Hair Bun Pin (9399789450)
Hair Bun Pin (9399789450)

Hair Bun Pin

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ABOUT : This handmade hammered bun pin is the perfect simplistic but elegant touch to any outfit. Pretty and functional, simply wrap your hair in a bun or a french twist, and slide in the pins to lock the style securely

MATERIAL : Made from solid brushed brass, copper or german silver. 
Note : Brass and copper will naturally patina over time. This can be as beautiful as the original shiny finish however if you don't like the look of aged finish you can polish your pieces a couple of times a year to keep the shine.

SIZE: Wire Thickness: 2mm 
Pin Length: 7.5cm 

HANDMADE BY : Kapelika, Belarus. Kapelika make functional and minimal pins, forks and slides designed to effortlessly hold your hair from half up-dos to full up-dos, using low-waste materials and employ non-toxic techniques, representing the influential movement away form disposable design.

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