Mini Wax Candle - 7 Fragrances
Mini Wax Candle - 7 Fragrances
Mini Wax Candle - 7 Fragrances

Mini Wax Candle - 7 Fragrances

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ABOUT : These mini candles in brown glass jars are made with lots of love by hand in Utrecht. Combining the loveliest scents they mix the best quality essential oils. For the base ecological 100% soy wax is used. The candles wicks are made of cotton and paper threads, no metal is used. Brandt Kaarsen aims to be as sustainable as possible with their ingredients, process and packaging. These candles are 100% plant based and vegan

Lavendel - The classic relaxing scent of lavender can be used for all-day moments of serenity. Infused with floral lavender essential oils smoothed with spicy accents
◦ Kokosnoot & Aloe Vera - Takes you back to the sun. Top notes of fresh tropical coconut balanced with a heart of exotic fresh aloe vera and a touch of sweet fig for a bit of summer sweetness
◦ Groene Thee Limoen - The sweet spicy scent of green tea combined with a subtle fresh note of lime leaf makes your home feel like a luxury spa
◦ Kamperfoelie - The honeysuckle candle has a warm honey-like scent with notes of jasmine and cotton. The scented candle has a perfect balance between sweet and floral
JasmijnThe jasmine shrub is also called 'the queen of the night' for its scent is strongest when night falls. A sweet, exotic scent. 
Surf SwellAn ultimate scent that will bring you back to a nostalgic beach day with Lemongrass, Orchid, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood
◦ Wild TobaccoThis smokey woody aroma of tobacco flower is accompanied by the floral and warm fragrance of gardenia

SIZE : Burns approximately 10-15 hours. Height 5.5cm. Diameter 5.1cm

HANDMADE BY : Brandt Kaarsen, Utrecht. Giselle Habraken started Brandt kaarsen in March 2015 after learning the craft in one of the most inspiring candle studios of New York City. The process is simple and always in small batches. From preparing the candle to the pouring of the soy wax, everything happens manually and with utmost care. Brandt Kaarsen emit a warm, cosy atmosphere that beats any cold winter day, fits on every dinner table in the Summer and fills your room with a nature inspired scent