Wooden Aroma Diffuser
Wooden Aroma Diffuser

Wooden Aroma Diffuser

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ABOUT : With this handmade wooden diffuser you can enjoy your favourite blend in the most natural of ways. Simply add a few drops and let the wood absorb and slowly release the scent over time. Travel-friendly, silent and no electricity or heat required, so don't worry about dozing off to a relaxing scent.

- For a subtle long-lasting scent
- Handmade using PEFC certified beech wood
- Protect the surface beneath as the oil permeates to the bottom too

HOW TO USE : Add a few drops of your diffuser blend or essential oil to the bowl of the wooden diffuser. The wood absorbs the oil and slowly releases the scent over time. Keep in mind that the oil permeates to the bottom too, so it's advised to protect the surface beneath. If you want to use this diffuser for different blends, leave 24 hours in between so the wood can release the remaining scent.

SIZE : Height: 46 mm. Diameter: 22 mm

HANDMADE BY : Marzou - was established in 2021 by Mahdi and Sabine, ignited by their own journey towards (re)discovering a more natural lifestyle and wanting to help create a future where botanical, healthy products are the go-to choice. The name Marzou comes from the Afghan word Arzou, meaning 'wish' and 'hope'. As a kid, Mahdi grew up high in the mountains, in close connection to nature.
Marzou products are formulated, hand-filled and shipped from Marzou's studio in the Netherlands.