Creagan - Rapeseed Wax Nomad Candle

Creagan - Rapeseed Wax Nomad Candle

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ABOUT : Cycling trips totalling thousands of kilometers inspired me to craft a loving ode to Europe. The memories of the scents of forests, flowers, herbs and fields found throughout our beautiful continent are brought together in this collection. The minimalist tin makes this candle lightweight and the perfect travel companion.

Our Nomad fragrances reveal an intimate glimpse into this unique cycling trip that my beloved one and I made through Europe. They will take you from the island of Zakynthos to the mainland of Greece, past the marshes of Montenegro and past the waterfalls in Bosnia, the spicy gardens in Italy and the fresh Alps, to return to beautiful Utrecht via the French wheat fields.

An Ode to Europe with European rapeseed wax - For the Nomad Collection Brandt use 100% rapeseed wax. This wax is made in Europe from the oil of the rapeseed plant. The most beautiful base for our European ode! Rapeseed wax is also a sustainable ingredient. Bees love the early flowering rapeseed and the crop has a positive impact on the soil and this beautiful plant with its yellow flowers are also good for the soil.

FRAGRANCE : Creagan tells the story of a place where adventure is in the air. Where nature watches over the mountains, rocks and lakes. The juniper berries in the woods whisper tales, the lemon*-scented bushes of the “bog myrtle” hold secrets and the salty seaweed rests on the rocky outcroppings on the shores of the calm lakes. Wild thyme creeps among the rocks, enjoying the sun’s rays and painting the creagan* purple.

Top note: Lemon

Heart: Thyme, Seaweed

Base: Juniper berry

*Creagan: Scottish Gaelic for rocks

*Lemon: essential oil

SIZE :  Burn time approximately 18 hours. Height: 45mm. Diameter: 65mm

HANDMADE BY : Brandt Kaarsen, Utrecht. Giselle Habraken started Brandt kaarsen in March 2015 after learning the craft in one of the most inspiring candle studios of New York City. The process is simple and always in small batches. From preparing the candle to the pouring of the soy wax, everything happens manually and with utmost care. Brandt Kaarsen emit a warm, cosy atmosphere that beats any cold winter day, fits on every dinner table in the Summer and fills your room with a nature inspired scent