The Past Charm Necklace
The Past Charm Necklace
The Past Charm Necklace

The Past Charm Necklace

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ABOUT : The sun, the moon, and the stars. The cosmological reminder that so much has gone before you to be here now. 

Ninety seven per cent of the human body consists of the same element make up as stardust- a history, deeper than we can comprehend, exists in our whole beings.

This necklace represents being so grateful for all the chance moments that created the miracle of what you get to experience today. It’s the sum of all of our treasured memories, ancestors past, lessons learned, nostalgic love had, and unending inspiration that held and supported you to guide you here. There is no “perfect” past, but it’s the reminder that everything has happened FOR you. It’s an invitation to send gratitude to your past self and let that gift guide you into your future.

Hand stamped charm. This necklace is a little longer than our average length necklace making it perfect for layering.

MATERIAL : 14k gold filled. Allergy safe and can be worn every day without colour fading

SIZE : Chain Length 50cm, Charm Size 19mm x 16mm

HANDMADE BY : Emily Hart who creates jewellery for Hart & Stone from her home off the west coast of Canada. Emily is inspired by nature, using both unique materials, colour and texture.