Shopper Bag Charcoal
Shopper Bag Charcoal

Shopper Bag Charcoal

A beautiful and functional leather shopper bag made from charcoal leather.  with black leather straps through the front and back side of the bag. By using the straps you can adjust the volume of the bag. A little hand-stitched detail from waxed yarn keeps the straps in place. 
Including a zipped leather inside pocket for your small items - each inside pocket has a unique lining
Made by Anna Boone - A  a small brand from the Netherlands based in Arnhem - Her work is characterised by folding techniques, an eye for detail and a clean and pure image. Items must be functional and perfect for your daily life. 
She loves to work with leather, a beautiful and durable material which only 
gets better with age. She works with limited edtions. Which means items are not made in large-scale productions. All items are handmade with love by the hand of Anna Boone. You will always have a unique item, and even sometimes the only one that is ever made.
Details : 
Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 11 cm
Inside pocket: 22 x 17 cm.
Leather and nickel
Because items are handmade in limited editions, product colour may vary very slightly from the image shown