Moon Oil Burner
Moon Oil Burner
Moon Oil Burner

Moon Oil Burner

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ABOUT : ☾ Ceramic moon oil burner with a separate bowl for the oil. This beautiful ceramic oil burner is made with Studio Bloei's famous speckled clay body and finish with a soft white glaze. The burner is fired at high temperatures, so it is super strong and durable and will last a lifetime. It's made out of two separate parts, so it's easier to light your candle and fill the little bowl with water. Suitable for small and big tealights.

SIZE : The burner has a diameter of 9cm and is about 10cm in height. (Every piece is handmade and unique)


◦ Fill the little bowl with a small amount of water

◦ Choose your favourite essential oils

◦ A few drops will do the job, we normally use about 5 or 6 drops

◦ The burner will get very hot, so be careful!

◦ When all of the water is evaporated, blow out the candle or fill it up again

HANDMADE BY : Studio Bloei - Every piece is made by hand with love by Robin Greenhorst in her studio in Geldrop, Brabant.