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Hydrate Natural Facial Oil

Hydrate Natural Facial Oil

This face oil is made with Sea Buckthorn and Argan Oil, Bulgarian Rose Oil and Neroli Essential Oils.
Formulated to soothe and renew dry skin and cells. It penetrates skin deep to moisturise, restore and regenerate. Also adding in an anti inflammatory, increasing hydration and reducing signs of redness while absorbing into the skin quicker, moisturising deeper and more effective.
Rose and Neroli essential oils soothe and reduce redness while stimulating new cell growth and preserving moisture. Evening out skin tone for a smoother and more hydrated appearance of skin.
Sea Buckthorn Oil is good for all skin types. Especially dry, tired, acne-prone, problem skin. It is helpful in treating wounds, burns, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles because of it's high fatty acid and vitamin content, treating and restoring skin deeply within it's cell structure.
Argan Oil provides deep hydration to skin and helps heal red patches, dryness and itchiness. It maintains the balance of the natural oil secreted and the Vitamin E present in it helps lighten skin and helps clear acne and other facial blemishes.
2 oz frosted glass bottle
Made by Herbs and Oils Bath - USA
Herbs and Oils Bath products are made with natural oils, herbs, clays, minerals and extracts. Fragrances are obtained with high quality essential oils, no artificial fragrances. The use of clays are the colorant for our products, no artificial colors or dyes used. No animal ingredients or testing, ingredients used are kosher and vegan certified.
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