Hoop with Tourmaline Circle Cut
Hoop with Tourmaline Circle Cut

Hoop with Tourmaline Circle Cut

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ABOUT : A natural champagne or grey tourmaline stone hangs from these hoops. The stone adds a nice little twist to simple hoop, match with other hoops in different sizes for more layering. These earrings are perfect if you like to leave your earrings in, they are a little tricky to take in and out every day. The last photo is to show how to open and close them - it is very important to open them sideways and not backwards. Tip: put them in from the back to the front so you can see in the mirror if it's closed properly.

SINGLE/PAIR : These earrings are sold as single but look beautiful as a pair - if you would like a pair just add 2 to your cart

MATERIAL: 14k gold filled with natural white opal. Allergy safe and can be worn every day and in the shower without colour fading. 

SIZE : Hoop Diameter: 12mm. Hoop Wire thickness: 1.5mm. Tourmaline : 3-4mm (approximately - natural stones, each one is unique)

HANDMADE BY : Koi d'Azur, Amsterdam