Crossbody Bag Black

Crossbody Bag Black

A beautiful and functional leather crossbody bag made from black leather. It is perfect for your essential items when you go a night out or visit a festival. It includes a zipped inner pocket. You can adjust the shoulder straps and you can use the buttons on the sides to adjust the volume.
Made by Anna Boone - A  a small brand from the Netherlands based in Arnhem - Her work is characterized by folding techniques, an eye for detail and a clean and pure image. Items must be functional and perfect for your daily life. 
She loves to work with leather, a beautiful and durable material which only 
gets better with age. She works with limited edtions. Which means items are not made in large-scale productions. All items are handmade with love by the hand of Anna Boone. You will always have a unique item, and even sometimes the only one that is ever made.
Details : 
Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 9 cm
Material: Leather, nickel
Because items are handmade in limited editions, product colour may vary very slightly from the image shown