At The Gathershop we sell handmade, fairtrade and products from small design studios. 
We believe that a hands-on, human approach to design yields a better end product. 
Our objects all have a story, a maker and an integrity.

By buying from us you support this practice, so thankyou! .

Hello! I am Jessica Chapman, the owner of the Gathershop. I moved to Amsterdam from the UK in 2011. I fell in love with both the city and my husband and never went home! I studied Architecture and Interiors and worked as an interior designer before beginning The Gathershop in 2013.

To begin with The Gathershop was just as a dream and market stand; I finally took the plunge and opened the doors to my first store on the Van Woustraat in December 2014, moving to our new home in De Hallen in 2016.

The Gathershop was born out of a love of picking out and being surrounded by beautiful things. I love the handmade objects we sell and feel so connected to both the objects themselves and the designers that are their talented creators. I am often asked how the collection comes together, it is simply a mix of everything I love, joined by their clean lines, simple forms and connection to the designers.

Thank you to the designers and makers, to everyone who visits us and to the wonderful city of Amsterdam who have all been a part of making The Gathershop possible.