Wander - Plant Based Eau De Parfum Roller

Ginger June


  • Wander - Plant Based Eau De Parfum Roller
  • Wander - Plant Based Eau De Parfum Roller

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    • Wander among the trees... at first sniff, lots of citrus and fir... after some time, the earthy rich soil and roots come forward.

      UV resistant dark violet glass with glass roller

      Botanical Perfume with organic grape alcohol base and essential oils

      Net Weight 9g

      (New packaging! Ginger June was formally Let's Put a Bird on It)

    • Organic grape alcohol base

      Essential oils of: Wild Orange, Balsam fir, Douglas Fir, Juniper*, Bergamot*, Black Spruce, Scotch Pine, Rosemary*, Vetiver*, Lavender*, Violet Leaf, Virginia Cedar*, Amyris, Nagarmotha

      *organic ingredient

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